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Portable Toilets for Special Events

On your special day, you’ll want a temporary restroom that brings the comfort of home to your event guests. 

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Restroom Facilities, Portable Showers & Sinks

The restroom facilities are usually the worst part of an outdoor event, we at First Class Rentals want to make it one of the best features of your event. Our upscale portable restrooms can go from a backyard pool party to the most elegant corporate event or wedding. While event planners, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and private individuals are setting up their parties or events, First Class Rentals will work hard to ensure your restroom rentals meet or exceed your expectations.

Rental Services

Portable Toilets

Bring First Class Rentals’ upscale restrooms to any event and impress your on-the-go patrons.
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Handwash Stations

Work-site employees and event guests can stay refreshed with our wide variety of hand wash stations.
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Holding Tanks

Our holding tanks are of the highest quality. Each one will be in pristine working order for your event.
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Luxury Restrooms

Now you can have the comforts of home at any event. Our luxury restroom trailers always impress.
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Special Events

Blow your guests away on your special day with a restroom experience they won’t forget!
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Emergency Services

We are here to provide portable sanitation equipment & services for quick disaster response.
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