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The Beginning of First Class Rentals

High end and luxury portable toilets were a vision turned to reality by First Class Rentals owner Frank Ballback in January of 2005. The idea came to Ballback while standing in line with his wife for a portable restroom at an outdoor event. He witnessed a young girl leaving the portable restroom unit in tears following behind her frustrated father–and he knew exactly why.

“I never thought I’d get into the restroom business — it wasn’t at all on my radar,” he recalls. “I was looking at everything from a mailbox business to fast-food franchises. If not for that crying girl and reading about that woman’s restroom business, I never would’ve considered it.” 

From 2007 issue Pumper Magazine

Frank Ballback, Toilet Entrepreneur

After guiding the upset young girl and her father to a refreshed toilet that his wife was using, Ballback saw a career in helping guests to find the best portable restroom experience at events everywhere. After looking into the legalities and doing his research on the business, he decided to pursue himself as a toilet entrepreneur.

“If you had told me that day that I was going to go into the restroom business, I would have laughed at you,” Ballback said. From This throne’s fit for a queen (June 12, 2005) By MASON LERNER


Luxury Restroom Trailers “With Ladies In Mind”

“Ballback has tried to transform a horrifying experience into a pleasant one. His port-o-potties are about the same size as the industry standard, but there is more room to maneuver because there is no urinal. There is a floor pedal to flush the toilet, and a 20-gallon reservoir of fresh water in each unit ensures that every flush uses clean water.

Ballback also had a flap installed into each bowl to cover any waste.

Mason Lerner, The Houston Chronicle 2005

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View our luxury portable toilet options and select porta potty rentals of your choice. Clean, portable toilets and restrooms for virtually any occasion.

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Larger events such as ceremonies, fairs, or games may need higher volume porta potties with the comforts of home for each event guest.

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We are equipped and prepared to respond to emergency, disaster relief, or unplanned sanitation needs with hand wash stations and toilet trailers.

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