Portable Restroom ADA Regulations

When organizing an outdoor concert, festival, or any other outdoor event, there is a need to provide all the amenities to make all your guests comfortable. One necessity that you must offer is a portable restroom station that can accommodate all the guests, including the disabled ones. The restrooms must comply with all the ADA regulations.

When renting portable restrooms for your guests, you have to ensure that the accessories comply with all the requirements in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some of the most common features in ADA-compliant restrooms are an anti-slip ramp for wheelchairs, a 36-inch wide door, and a flat floor design.

Here are the ADA regulations you should know before renting portable restrooms.

ADA and Handicap-Accessible Portable Restroom Regulations

Many people can’t easily distinguish between ADA and handicap-accessible portable restrooms. For that reason, you need to know the differences between the two before selecting restrooms for your guests. Note that you can’t use the ADA and handicap-accessible portable restrooms interchangeably. Below are their differences.

Handicap-Accessible Portable Restrooms

Handicap-accessible portable restrooms have some ideal features for people with disabilities, but that doesn’t make them ADA-compliant. For example, a handicap-accessible toilet door shouldn’t be hinged, making it tricky to close unassisted.

Here are the requirements for the handicap-accessible portable restrooms.

  • Ramped entrances to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Wider doors than standard units to allow wheelchair passages
  • Large interior spaces to allow a three-point turn on wheelchairs

ADA Regulations for Portable Restrooms

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations are more extensive than some of the requirements of handicap-accessible portable restrooms. Here are the requirements that all ADA-compliant portable restrooms must meet.

  • At least one ADA-compliant portable toilet in every group of portable restrooms
  • Magnetic or hinged doors for easier opening and closing
  • Reinforced interior grab bars and reinforced unit construction
  • Placards indicating that the restrooms are ADA-compliant

ADA-compliant restrooms should also have enough space to allow a 360-degree turn. It is what distinguishes them from the handicap-accessible units. Generally, ADA portable units are larger and more costly to buy or rent than the handicap-accessible restrooms.


Now that you know all the ADA regulations for portable restrooms, you should strive to fulfill all of them when renting portable toilets. Notably, ADA-compliant toilets are more convenient for people with disabilities. At First Class Rentals, we provide high-quality portable restrooms, including the ADA-compliant ones, for rental and purchase.

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