5 Portable Restroom Sanitation Tips

What tips and tricks do portable sanitation experts recommend to keep restrooms clean for each event? There are a number of steps to take towards restroom cleanliness and even further procedures to make sure portable toilets are in pristine condition.

Keep your restroom fresh and clean with these portable sanitation tips! #FirstClassRentals

How do portable sanitation companies keep their restrooms fresh and clean?

Proper restroom sanitation is a process. With portable toilets, you’ll want to make sure that the inside and outside of the unit are thoroughly clean and sanitized. This can be done with disinfectants and odor control products. Here’s our process towards a pristine porta-potty:

  1. Disinfect the Interior
  2. Allow Stalls to Air Out
  3. Use Odor Control Products
  4. Keep Supplies Well-Stocked
  5. Disinfect High-Touch Areas

1) Disinfect the Interior

First thing’s first, the inside of the portable restroom must be disinfected. The interior is cleaned and disinfected by using an antimicrobial fogging agent. This method is used to prevent cross-contamination. 

2) Allow Stalls to Air Out

Other than needing drying time after disinfecting, unpleasant smells from a portable restroom need an outlet. The best way to get rid of lingering odors is to let them dissipate on their own, which can be done by leaving the door open. 

3) Use Odor Control Products

It’s not likely that odors will completely disappear on their own. An odor control product can be applied to, well, control the odor. A good deodorizer is what keeps portable restrooms smelling fresh before a special event.

4) Keep Supplies Well-Stocked

Cleaning supplies should always be available in portable restroom trailers. Other things to stock up on are handwashing soap and toilet paper so that nothing runs out during the event day. 

Pro Tip: Luxury portable restroom trailers come with air conditioning, air fresheners, decor, and more for special occasions.

5) Disinfect High-Touch Areas

Highly touched areas of the restroom such as the toilet handle, sink, and door handles, need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. These contaminated surfaces can easily spread germs from person to person. Be sure to use strong cleaning products that kill germs and bacteria in all the restroom fixtures. 

Pristine Portable Restroom Sanitation

Restroom sanitation is a crucial part of portable restroom trailers for special events. First Class Rentals always provides our clients with the most pristine portable toilets, holding tanks, handwash stations, and more. 

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