How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Impress Guests

Sometimes it can feel impossible to keep your bathroom clean for more than a day or two after deep cleaning it. Taking care of the bathroom is usually the worst part of housecleaning duties. What can you do to make cleaning the bathroom a little easier each time? 

No one likes the dreaded task of cleaning the bathroom. With regular upkeep and the right tools, you can always have a clean bathroom to impress guests with. #FirstClassRentals

How can you keep your bathroom clean on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

You can keep your bathroom clean on a regular basis by preventing moisture buildup and switching bar soap for a liquid dispenser. Organize your personal items accordingly for a clean space and be sure to use the right cleaning products to resist stains.

  1. Prevent Moisture 
  2. Don’t Use Bar Soap
  3. Organize Your Belongings
  4. Use Stain-Resistant Cleaners

1) Prevent Moisture

Leaving lots of moisture behind in your bathroom after a shower will quickly build up mildew stains. Stop moisture in its’ tracks by leaving the exhaust fan on while showering or opening a window. Leave a dry squeegee near the shower to wipe down the tub, walls, and shower doors and prevent mildew from becoming an issue. 

2) Don’t Use Bar Soap

Trade your sink’s bar soap for a liquid soap instead. Soap scum enters the scenario very quickly if you’re not deep cleaning the soap dish and its’ surrounding area after each use. 

3) Organize Your Belongings

Keeping your personal hygiene products organized in the medicine cabinet will help you to clean your bathroom quicker when you need to. A busy sink counter will attract more dirt and grime into the picture. 

4) Use Stain-Resistant Cleaners

Aim to use products that will prevent filth from becoming an issue before it already is. A long-lasting and high-quality cleaner will keep your bathroom fresh for days at a time with proper upkeep. Get a strong cleaning solution for your toilet bowl and let it sit for a few minutes before going in with your toilet brush. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about your shower curtains! Spray an all-purpose cleaner containing bleach on the bottom to diminish mildew and rinse it off in the shower with hot water. 

Enjoy a Fresh, Clean Feeling at Home

If you want to keep your bathroom clean for weeks at a time, remember to work smarter and not harder. Have easily accessible cleaning supplies and tools for a quick touch up every day or so, and enjoy a fresh bathroom that your guests will appreciate.

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