Coronavirus Prevention Tips: How to Handle Isolation

With the recent order for 158 million Americans to stay home (New York Times) during the coronavirus pandemic, many are finding it difficult to handle the effects of self-isolation. For those who are used to the daily hustle and bustle of commuting and going out in groups, handling isolation is proving to be a challenge for some. How can you adequately handle isolation while working from home and supporting your family?

While loved ones, friends, and family adjust to self-quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are ways to consider handling isolation without harmful effects.

It’s important to handle isolation in a calm and collected environment. Be sure to communicate with your family and household members on your specific needs during this isolated time. Remember to be rational during this stressful situation and combat fear with accurate education for everyone involved. Families should maintain a schedule they can stick to throughout the course of working and virtually attending classes from home. 

Effective Communication is Key

Retired NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson shared her tips for self-isolation during this time of panic, stating it’s “actually very doable, but it’s very important to be able to interact well with the people you’re staying with, living with.”  Friends and family who are living together during the state of lockdown must be communicating effectively with each other. The CDC recommends for households in quarantine to treat this the way you would with the flu; if someone in your home has it, take the necessary precautions to avoid contact and limit sharing household items. 

Fight Fear with Logic

We have to understand that social distancing and self-quarantine is our surefire way of flattening the curve. While this situation strikes fear in individuals, the best way to overcome this fear is to understand why isolation is a solution and not an additional problem. Don’t overlook what the effects of isolation can do to your mind and body, but be proactive in maintaining your sanity with communication via social media and your smartphone, and taking time for activities in your home-life environment. 

Handling Work & Family at Home

Combining work and home life can be a difficult task for those with children and living with many people in one household. First and foremost, parents should be giving their children a clear understanding of the current situation. Misinformation about the virus can cause stress and worry in your family, which emphasizes the need for clear communication and rational thinking. Most parents find maintaining a plan and schedule, and sticking to it, will help to alleviate the stress of a sudden change in daily routines. 

Pro Tip: During isolation, schedule times for tending to homework and household chores while also scheduling time for fun activities that will help everyone to unwind.

Protecting Yourself & Others from COVID-19

We are all in this together to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Though isolation can be a challenging time, it can be made a thing of the past if we continue to practice social distancing. The best thing to do right now is to stay calm, practice good hand hygiene, and keep in touch with our loved ones while social distancing. Join the conversation for more on current safety precautions and emergency services from First Class Rentals.