Portable Sanitation Solutions for Emergency Responders

During this time, emergency preparedness means having sanitation and hygiene options available for all to stop the spread of disease. First Class Rentals is ready to provide in a time of need for the safety of essential employees and those who don’t have immediate access to running water.

During these uncertain times, it’s best to prepare as best as you can to mitigate panic. #FirstClassRentals is here for emergency responders and has trailers with sinks waiting in preparation.

We are here to help emergency responders during this uncertain time with sanitation supplies and waste management. These emergency situations can be handled with hand washing and hand sanitizer stations, portable toilets and emergency toilet trailers. 

Hand Wash Stations

By this time, you must know the importance of hand hygiene and how critical it can be to your health. Stand-alone handwash stations provide those in need with a running water source and germ-fighting soap. Hand sanitizer stations are also effective (although not as effective as hand washing) alternatives for public hand hygiene.

Quality Sanitation Facilities

A poorly maintained porta-potty could do more harm than good during an emergency situation. Portable toilets for emergency response need to be deeply sanitized with a solution of one part liquid chlorine bleach to ten parts of water. 

Pro Tip: Disinfect your toilet and sink at home often with your own at-home solution of a small amount of bleach in a plastic bucket filled with water. 

Heavy Duty Trailers

Portable restroom trailers come with the comfort and convenience of your home bathroom. They’re equipped for proper sanitation needs with flushable toilets, toilet paper, and sinks with a clean water supply. Waste and trash bags are properly disposed of and kept out of direct contact.

Prepared Sanitation in the Case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency situation like the coronavirus pandemic, portable sanitation solutions can be extremely practical in keeping the spread of illness under control. Emergency sanitation services are prepared well beforehand so the risks that come can be minimized.

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