7 Quarantine-Safe Ideas to Celebrate Labor Day

With the effects of COVID-19 still being felt throughout the United States and beyond, you may feel stuck at home and limited in what you can do to celebrate this Labor Day holiday. However, your holiday can still be enjoyed to its fullest while staying safe, whether that be inside your house or outdoors with others.

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How to Enjoy Labor Day Safely

If you keep in mind the precautions of health safety and social distancing, you will find that there are still a variety of possible quarantine weekend ideas. For example, you can enjoy the rejuvenating influence of the outdoors, host a socially-distanced gathering, or find fun in countless indoor activities. Try these quarantine-safe Labor Day celebration ideas:

1) Get Outdoors

Celebrate Labor Day by getting out of the house! While the effects of quarantine are still being felt, getting out of the house is an enjoyable and possible option. While maintaining proper health guidelines, you can enjoy an energizing bike ride, a relaxing walk, or put on your hiking boots and hit the trail.

2) Host a Socially-Distanced Barbecue

Enjoy the holiday with a festive and socially-distanced barbecue. While indeed the social climate we face today requires us to be cautious, there is no better way to enjoy the holiday than to be in the company of friends and family. Upholding social-distancing and other sanitary precautions will ensure your gathering is both enjoyable and safe.

3) Play a Board Game

Get together with your family and enjoy a fun night of board games! You can even play with friends and family across the country with free online games. By staying indoors and having fun with those you love, you will ensure a relaxing and regenerating Labor Day holiday in the safety and comfort of your home.

4) Stream a Concert or TV Show

Sit back and watch a movie or enjoy a relaxing stream of a concert or TV show of your choice on YouTube or a host of other online video platforms. Due to the conditions of social-distancing, artists have taken to the screen to share their performances and art, and have created the perfect pastime to enjoy for a rejuvenating and peaceful holiday.

5) Read Something New

Take a break from social media and pick out a good old fashioned book to immerse yourself in! There is no end to the amount of enjoyable reading content you can pick off your shelf or find online through your local library.

Pro Tip: To find a plethora of great books, go online, and search for public domain publications. You can find an endless archive of great authors from across the ages for absolutely no cost! 

6) Create Your Own Drive-In Theater

For this holiday, set up your very own drive-in theater. Set up your living room by getting your most comfortable cushions and sheets, setting up your projector, and assembling your family for a fun movie night. 

7) Plan a Family Video Chat

Connect with your family this Labor Day by planning a family video chat by hosting a zoom call. Keep in touch with those who you haven’t seen or want to keep safe, and enjoy a day of fun family connection!

Staying Safe Remains the Priority

There are countless activities to enjoy both indoors and outdoors, but the concern for health and safety should still stand at the forefront of concern. Even while the danger of COVID-19 is still at large, that does not mean you can not have a fun holiday. Just make sure to observe social distancing and proper safety to protect yourself and others.

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