Portable Restrooms for Large Family Reunions

Are you to host all your family members but are worried about family reunion restrooms? Your outdoor event should not end in disarray because of this small but crucial aspect of any outdoor gathering. If you opt for an outdoor reunion, you ought to have the portable restrooms already planned for.

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Large family reunions are best hosted in the open space where everyone gets the chance to mingle and interact freely. But you’ll have to bring portable restrooms to help your visitors answer the call of nature. However, before you settle for restrooms as your option, here are some key factors to consider.

Amount of Guests

While planning for the family reunion, one of the most significant factors to consider should be the number of attendees. Confirm with every family member and ask them to commit so that you can be in the right place to have a workable figure. The number of people that have confirmed attendance will help you know the number of portable toilets you need for the event.

If you have less than fifty guests coming, they can manage the number of restrooms available on-site; you won’t need additional portable toilets. However, if you have more than 100, you will need to consider adding portable toilets to the existing ones.

Type of Outdoor Venue

More often, hosting your family event in a large park is one of the best options you can take. However, large parks mean going for restrooms in the far corners of the park where the facilities are situated.

Leaving your guests to make long treks to the washroom and back would be a physical punishment and will cause many distractions on the day’s activities. When you erect portable restrooms close by, you would have solved this problem effectively.

Choosing the Right Restroom

While the budget and the theme of the event matter a lot when picking the restroom type, you need to get something that offers maximum comfort. If restroom trailers work best for you, you can opt for them over the regular ones. Go for the more expensive and luxurious options, especially if members contributed money to the event. 

Catering to Your Family with Luxury Portable Restrooms

Having your yearly family reunions could be a great idea inspired by fun until you realize the infrastructure it takes to bring it all together. For an event that will run seamlessly, you should consider using portable toilets. At First Class Rentals, we have expertise in offering reliable restroom rental services for any gathering you may be having.

Contact us today for any restroom services, and we will be glad to meet your needs.