Renting Luxury Porta Potties for Outdoor Events

If you’re organizing a wedding, a birthday party, a sporting event, or any other outdoor event, you will need a few luxury porta potties for your special guests. Nothing is more disgusting than attending an outdoor event and failing to get a restroom to relieve yourself. Luxury portable toilets come in handy and are a perfect choice for any outdoor occasion.

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When planning a big event that will take a couple of hours, there’s no doubt that many people will eventually need to use a restroom. Notably, there are different outdoor restrooms, including restroom trailers, luxury restrooms, and ADA portable toilets. These restrooms have different designs and layouts.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the three types of restrooms.

Fully Furnished Restroom Trailers

Luxury portable restroom trailers are an ideal choice for special events. If VIPs are attending the function, give them a comfortable experience by renting fully-furnished bathroom trailers. Luxurious restroom trailers are equipped with showers and sinks for handwashing. They are a perfect addition to all major events, so your guests will not go hunting for private spots to relieve themselves.

ADA Portable Toilets

If you expect guests with special needs in an outdoor event, consider renting an ADA-compliant portable toilet. An ADA toilet is designed to address inconveniences brought by disabilities. It provides more space and hand bars to support disabled users. At First Class Rentals, ADA portable toilets meet all the requirements, including a stall, a sink, air conditioning & heater, toilet paper, paper towel, water supply, and electricity hookup.

Reliable Porta Potties

Although porta potties have an undeserved reputation for being unpleasant, you can still find the most reliable ones at First Class Rentals. These portable toilets come with essential accessories like a urinal, toilet, sink, and a stocked toilet paper dispenser. If you expect guests with special needs to attend your event, consider renting ADA-compliant porta-potties. They are extra-large to give users the comfort and maneuverability needed.

Choosing the Perfect Portable Restroom for Your Outdoor Event

Portable restrooms or luxury porta potties are essential for any outdoor event, whether it’s a wedding, concert, sporting event, or a corporate event. With First Class Rental’s help, you can get the perfect portable restroom for your guests. We offer reliable porta potties with handwashing stations and luxury restroom trailers with all the essential accessories like stalls and real sinks.

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