Entertaining Your Guests at Your Outdoor Wedding

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you need to ensure your guests feel entertained throughout the ceremony. There are many outdoor wedding entertainment activities to keep your guests amused at the reception. Whether you prefer wedding games or music sets, check out our list of outdoor wedding entertainment ideas.

Entertain your guests at your outdoor wedding with these ideas to plan for! #FirstClassRentals

As you think of adding drinks and a delicious feast at the reception, you can get the party spiced by including a couple of music or games. Such outdoor wedding entertainment ideas would make your wedding day perfect. We’ve rounded up a few entertainment ideas for an outdoor wedding to add fun to your reception.

Here are the outdoor wedding entertainment ideas to consider for your wedding:

Getting Permission From the Venue

The first thing to do when organizing an outdoor wedding is to book a venue that allows outdoor entertainment. While many venues across the United States have designated areas for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, some places may restrict you to an indoor wedding. It can be due to space, location, and noise restrictions.

Pro Tip: If you are hosting the wedding reception on a piece of land that’s not licensed, get permission from the owner to host live entertainment.

Choosing a Performance Area

Selecting a perfect performance area for the entertainers is an ideal way to keep them active. It has to be a place where all guests can see and hear them. Check if the reception venue has an area dedicated to live performance. If there’s not, pick an ideal spot for the entertainers to set up. Ensure the site has a shelter to protect them. Also, check to make sure they’re not too close but not far away from the luxury restrooms

Types of Wedding Entertainment

There are many entertainment types for outdoor weddings, including a firework display, lawn games, and music. If you opt for the latter, you have a vast range of vibes to select, from smooth jazz, a silent disco, to upbeat pop hits, to feel-good classics. You can invite saxophonists, singers, acoustic duos, singing guitarists, or jazz ensembles.

Fun Wedding Entertainment for Your Guests

There are a few more outdoor wedding entertainment ideas to keep all wedding guests entertained. As you search for a venue for live entertainment, check if there’s a reliable power supply. Also, ensure that it matches your wedding theme color. That way, you’ll make the wedding more inviting and entertaining for invited family and friends.

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