Renting the Perfect Porta-Potties for an Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event is exciting, as you have lots of options for activities and beautiful scenery. You have food and drinks covered, seats are arranged and ready to go, but where will people go to the bathroom?

When renting porta potties for an outdoor event, there are 4 main things you’ll want to consider: how many, what kind, your budget, and who to call. #FirstClassRentals

How do you go about renting porta potties for your outdoor event?

When hosting an outdoor event, you’ll need to determine how many portable toilets are needed for guests, what kind of restroom trailers will suffice, the type of budget you’ll be looking at and who you should go to for reliable services.

  1. Determine How Many You’ll Need 
  2. What Type You’re Looking for 
  3. Create a Budget
  4. Find Reliable Experts

1) Determine How Many You’ll Need

If there aren’t enough working flushing toilets at your special event, many problems will begin to arise, as you can imagine. The standard is one portable toilet per 100 people for up to 4 hours, which is a very basic estimate. 

How many people will attend? How long is the event? Will guests be drinking alcohol? It’s better to have too many with the room to accommodate for guests than not enough, to begin with.

2) What Type You’re Looking for

If you want to risk a standard port-a-potty or two for your large event to save money, you’ll have a short term fix for something that requires a dependable solution throughout the evening. 

Don’t settle for standard porta potties when luxury portable bathrooms have so much more to offer your event guests. Depending on what the event is and what toilet options you’re getting, you might add handwash stations for guests to enjoy a clean feeling. 

3) Create a Budget

Based on how many restroom trailers you’ll need and the kind that will be the most suitable, you’ll need to create a realistic budget. Porta-potty rental prices vary based on the company and what types of portable restrooms they have. Speak with your trusted rental service to get a price quote based on how many you’ll need and what kind you’re looking for.

4) Find Reliable Experts

You’ll want to work with experts who take portable sanitation solutions seriously, whether for special events or construction projects. Dependable portable toilet rental companies will work with you every step of the way from budget planning to event tear down. They’ll want to understand the vision of your event and how they can assist you with achieving goals. 

Pro Tip: First Class Rentals ten-stall trailers are a great fit for outdoor events of all kinds, from weddings and concerts to sports events. 

A Fresh, Clean Feeling for Any Event

When renting porta potties for your outdoor event, be sure to do your research beforehand, speak to reliable resources, and plan how upscale portable restrooms can fit into your event. If you want your guests to be comfortable and refreshed throughout the evening, a roomy restroom trailer is the best choice.

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