Choosing a Theme for Your Outdoor Wedding

When choosing an outdoor wedding theme, you need to consider an option that reflects your style, of course, with your partner. Remember, it’s going to be one of the most special days of your life, and you must make it memorable. How would you like your dream wedding ceremony to be? This question will help you find a theme that matches your style for the outdoors.

From rustic weddings to garden parties, there are so many themes to choose from for your special day! Here are some tips to make planning your outdoor wedding easier.

When you perform a quick search on the internet, you’ll find many websites that provide wedding themes that can inspire you. However, you have to choose what you love. The theme you select shouldn’t age quickly. It should be worth it, even after 30 years in marriage. So, what kind of theme can inspire your wedding day?

Adding Your Personality 

What style would you want to add to your wedding theme? Figure out the color that both of you love. You can check your wardrobe to determine the color you enjoy. Experiment with various color combinations to come up with the final theme. If the colors don’t blend well, refer to your favorite home décor style for more color selections. 

Going With The Season 

The time of the year you are getting married can also inspire your outdoor wedding theme. For instance, a beach wedding will not be ideal for a wedding organized during winter months. In that case, you should choose an all-white theme with a few glitters. Add deep reds or emeralds to spruce up the wedding venue during winter.

Different seasons provide different natural colors and atmospheres, especially when outside. So, embrace the season you are getting married and create a charming atmosphere for the big day.

Working With The Venue

Your wedding venue can also influence the theme color you’ll choose. Consider picking a theme that complements the venue rather than one that clashes with it. For example, if you are hosting your wedding near a beach or any other body of water, opt for a nautical or ocean-inspired theme. If it’s a garden wedding, select a romantic theme.

Pro Tip: Outdoor wedding venues usually call for portable restroom services. Your luxury restrooms from First Class Rentals can be decorated to match your wedding’s specific theme!

Planning a Unique Outdoor Wedding

Choosing an outdoor wedding theme that matches your style will make your wedding unique. You can add some bouquets on the reception tables to make the place look more beautiful. Most importantly, ensure the theme and venue you choose are within your budget. Have the ceremony and reception at the same venue to save on cost.

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