Your Outdoor Wedding Planning Checklist

You have done well to settle for an outdoor wedding and pick our outdoor wedding planning checklist for help; congratulations! Every successful wedding calls for intense planning. And you

need to know what to include in your planning checklist before you set things rolling.

Make sure you know exactly what to have on your outdoor wedding planning checklist! #FirstClassRentals

What are some outdoor wedding plans to have on your checklist?

For your outdoor wedding planning checklist, there are some essential things you should never miss out on. Knowing the venue is key and should top your list. You should have the number of expected visitors in mind, the menu of the day, the beautification cost, and more. Here are the things to add to your checklist.

  1. Picking a Venue
  2. Choosing a Theme
  3. Entertainment for Guests
  4. Renting Portable Restrooms
  5. Other Things to Prepare For

1) Picking a Venue

When picking your garden wedding venue, you should check out if your preferred venue has all the things that can fulfill your needs. Find out what the venue already has and does not have. Also, seek to know if there are permits or rules you should know about before getting there.

2) Choosing a Theme

A wedding theme makes your wedding stand out from other weddings. So when you are choosing a theme, you should consider being as unique as you possibly can. Let it be a simple but outstanding theme that will catch the attention of many eyes.

3) Entertainment for Guests

The entertainment part of a wedding is an important consideration. But having the best entertainment experience not only involves getting the best stereo system. You have to get to the venue earlier to test them. Place them where the wind won’t interfere with the sound waves.

4) Renting Portable Restrooms

You need to be ready for all eventualities out there. A wedding in the open would mean there will be problems finding lavatories. You need to set up portable toilets and restrooms next to the wedding venue for convenience. Renting portable restrooms will make your work easier.

Pro Tip: Portable restrooms are an excellent way of conserving water since they don’t flush toilet contents. Instead, they use chemicals to conserve water and reduce odors.

5) Other Things to Prepare For

There are many other things you need to consider when planning an outdoor wedding. These might be the things you’ll hire for the wedding. Consider the things you’ll need to transform the wedding ceremony venue in a charming place. If you are expecting some uninvited guests, you should also consider them. 

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding planning checklist is essential for perfect wedding planning. You have to ensure that you invest in things that can keep your guests comfortable. Such items include tables and chairs, citronella candles, and portable restrooms. Also make sure that the venue for ceremony and reception are well-decorated.

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