Emergency Services

We’re Always Prepared

Natural disasters cause a great amount of stress along with the damages done to homes and job sites. Rescue teams and disaster victims alike are in need of immediate relief and comfort, which is where First Class Rentals steps in to offer our quick-response rental services in Texas and surrounding areas of the United States.

24/7 Emergency Services

We offer emergency disaster relief sanitation services for damages done by natural disasters that can affect the health of those in contact with unsanitary surroundings. Work-sites services are available for temporary portable sanitation solutions. Each of our restroom facilities come with wash stations and flushing toilets for select comfort.

Portable Sanitation Solutions for Disaster Relief in Texas

Restroom Trailers

More than just a port-a-potty; our high-end restroom trailers are readily available for any emergency situation, big or small.

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Portable Toilets

Our portable toilets provide patrons with the comfort of home, giving temporary aid for long term sanitation solutions.

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Keeping You Safe

In these scenarios, we understand that you need more than a standard porta potty. First Class Rentals goes above and beyond with excellent customer service coming first. The goal of our waste services and portable restrooms is to provide you with a smooth transition back to normal while rebuilding from the effects of natural disasters and harmful accidents alike

Are You in Need of Assistance?

If you or a loved one have been affected by a natural disaster or large accident and are in need of portable
sanitation solutions and running water, call us today; we’d like to help.

Speak With Our Emergency Response Team