Handwash Stations

Enjoy a Clean Feeling!

Plenty of portable restrooms just have hand sanitizer dispensers or wet wipes for you to wash your hands. But why settle for a less-than-sanitary option when you can have a real sink instead? At First Class Rentals, we believe you deserve the most pleasant and sanitary clean-up equipment possible. That’s why we offer specialized handwash stations for any circumstance so you can stay clean in any circumstances. We’re ready to help you make your event comfortable!

Ready to Reserve Your Handwash Station?

Our portable hand-wash stations provide you with an easy way to wash up quickly. Our variety of styles and options make these stations perfect for any event from a wedding to a volunteer event. Get yours today and feel the difference!


Providing a Hygenic Experience

Fully equipped with soap dispensers, paper towels, and running water, our portable handwash stations are the perfect solution to a messy situation. Whether you need a sanitary way to wash up outside a portable toilet or you’re hunting for equipment for a public event, we have just what you’re looking for!

Pricing & Customer Service

Please contact us for a specific quote for your event and for our servicing schedule. It is very important that an authorized person is present at the event site to accept delivery when we arrive. Delivery fees are applicable. 

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