Holding Tanks

Holding Tanks: Your Waste Solution

Whether it’s at your office or special event, it’s paramount to be able to have a way to store the wastewater from your portable toilet or shower, which is where First Class Rentals holding tanks come in. We offer a sterile and functional holding tank for a variety of uses. From shower waste to clean toilet water, this necessary solution can be combined with our other services or rented individually. With simple installation and convenient hose openings, our tanks are designed to relieve your septic headache.

Need a Portable Septic Tank?

Planning and running an event is already stressful enough, and there’s no telling what can happen without quality utilities. Don’t let septic issues get in the way of your event or worksite. Let our waste holding tanks be the answer you need to ensure cleanliness and usefulness.


Variety of Industry Uses

Our holding tanks are typically used for office trailers on construction sites, but their purpose can be extended to a number of situations. In places where sanitary services are lacking, nothing compares to the combination of a portable restroom and a waste holding tank. From houses undergoing renovation to draining issues in a shallow setting, our holding tanks are designed to hold any type of liquid to solve your septic needs.

Pricing & Customer Service

Please contact us for a specific quote for your event and for our servicing schedule. It is very important that an authorized person is present at the event site to accept delivery when we arrive. Delivery charges may be assessed from The Woodlands, Texas.

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