Luxury Restrooms

Ready for Anything

Whether you’re planning a big event or setting up disaster relief work, everyone involved will need somewhere to use the restroom eventually. Why not make their experience as comfortable as possible? Our luxury portable restroom trailers are the perfect addition to any major event so no one will have to go hunting for a private spot. Several steps above conventional porta potties, our luxury restroom trailers can accommodate multiple stalls, real sinks, and a tasteful interior that feels like home.

Need a Toilet Trailer for that Big Event?

An outdoor wedding, a major construction project, and an all-day outdoor volunteer event all call for a quick restroom solution. Why not give mobile restrooms a shot so you don’t have to drive to the nearest convenience store?



Our luxury portable toilet trailers don’t just replace porta potties. Depending on your exact needs, we can supply you with a trailer equipped with full showers as well! Enjoy all the luxuries of a fully furnished bathroom without any of the long-term maintenance. We’ll give you and your friends the best portable restroom experience you’ve ever had.

Porta potties have a somewhat undeserved reputation for being dirty, unpleasant, and rather lacking in privacy. At First Class Rentals, we believe you deserve a far more comfortable experience. That’s why we strive to provide the best portable restrooms or showers on the market for all your special events or emergency needs! Enjoy your fully portable but sanitary and private fully furnished restroom trailers!

Pricing & Customer Service

Please contact us for a specific quote for your event and for our servicing schedule. It is very important that an authorized person is present at the event site to accept delivery when we arrive. Delivery charges may be assessed from The Woodlands, Texas.

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